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Communitea served one cup at a time.

About Us

In-person and online, each purchase you make carries a direct impact on the community. You can see the economics of your consumer choices and how they benefit real people in real time. Learn more about our model and the type of communitea we try to grow here.



Partner Blends

Choice and Impact - Your purchases Matter


is devoted to business development ventures aimed at providing transparent, equitable, and sustainable solutions in our business and social practices. Every decision is based on impact on our community.


of your purchases go towards operational  expenses. This allows us to provide our workers with $30+ an hour with benefits. Employees receive the bulk of these profits. Leadership is paid only after our people are taken care of first.


of annual profits are donate to the Communitea Project to help finance and fund community welfare services in the areas of housing, healthcare, education, and comunity entrepeneurialism

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